Monday, December 1, 2008

Strategic Funning

While most folks may think that strategic planning is a headache of a process, we here at the WNC Alliance do our best to make things as interesting as possible. Our facilitators (God love 'em) Pam Sugarman and Judy Futch brought us toys, crayons, candy, and paper to keep us distracted from thinking we were actually working. Well, it worked- and here are some fun photos from our weekend.

Linda Tatsapaugh, Julie White, and Kristan Cockerill huff (I mean smell) the delicious scented markers (notice Julie's ball on her lap ie. detachment disorder)

Scary monsters lurked everywhere.

Phillip Gibson maps out Antarctica with an intensity that could melt through icebergs.

Wendy Pataprsty doodles while contemplating buying a vowel.

What a bug sees when flying at Randall Boggs.

And last but not least, the whistling hot water pot. It attempted to serenade us so we evicted it to the hallway (doesn't it look so lonely? I felt a bit "Brave Little Toaster" about this one).

All-in-all, it was a hard working weekend where we took a long look at our priorities and how our members weighed in on what they wanted- and started the design of our strategic plan that will be out next year. Look for the draft plan in your winter copy of Accent!

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